Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms with a cilantro ranch dressing are my take on a classic stuffed mushroom with Mexican flavors. This healthy Mexican appetizer combines (Mexican) chorizo with ground turkey, cotija queso, egg, and a stale tortilla binder. Perfect as a starter or finger food for game day!

A mini paella pan with 3 Mexican chorizo stuffed mushrooms and a tiny bowl of cilantro ranch, copper flatware, lime wedge, grey napkin.

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With the Super Bowl just days away, appetizer recipes and finger foods take center stage at homes across the US… I do my best to add my quirky, unique appetizer recipes to the mix. Lol.

In 2017 I did Mexican grilled chicken hearts. Initially, I joked about my “offal/awful” recipe, but surprisingly, that appetizer recipe brings year ’round and consistent traffic. I also did Oysters on the Half Shell with Blood Orange Mignonette with a spicy Mexican vibe.

The recipes that followed were more mainstream? Easy Mexican Lamb Meatballs and Baked Peruvian Style Meatballs. We mustn’t forget popcorn and party mix. For more great appetizer recipes, be sure to check my appetizer index.

Let’s talk about these healthy Mexican Stuffed Mushrooms with Cilantro Ranch. The stuffing base is a 50/50 mixture of lean chorizo (homemade chorizo is awesome but not necessary) and ground turkey.

Chorizo brings plenty of flavor, making the addition of spices unnecessary… A shorter ingredients list for the win!

I guess my chosen binder for the meatball mixture is stale tortilla crumbs. I knew it was a risk when I opted to use them rather than panko or breadcrumbs. I’ve always been a bit of a risk-taker in the kitchen, and my hunch worked out this time. A few pulses in the food processor, and these crumbs bring their masa flavor to the meatballs.

A copper baking sheet with 12 Mexican chorizo stuffed mushrooms.
  • button or crimini mushrooms
  • stale corn tortillas – If you don’t have corn tortillas, substitute regular or panko bread crumbs.
  • lean Mexican chorizo – Chorizo provides the flavor for the stuffing, so it is a key ingredient. Choose a lean bulk chorizo in a tray as opposed to the tube style that may be mostly fat and unrecognizable ingredients. I know of only one quality chorizo that comes in a tube – San Manuel Chorizo. I use their chicken chorizo, or I make homemade chorizo.
  • ground meat – Again, choose lean ground meat if fat content is a concern. I have used turkey, chicken, and pork for the Mexican stuffed mushrooms.
  • cotija – I like the texture and flavor of crumbled cotija, but you can substitute your favorite cheese.
  • egg
  • sea salt/fresh ground pepper
Ingredients for Mexican chorizo stuffed mushrooms prepped and ready to be made into appetizers.

🔪 Instructions

You will find more detailed cooking steps in the recipe card. These steps are included for planning purposes. I make the cilantro ranch while the stuffed mushrooms bake. Without a glass of wine and chatter, I can get this delicious healthy Mexican appetizer ready in about 45 minutes.

Step 1 - Combine chorizo, ground turkey, cotija, tortilla crumbs, beaten egg, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl.
Combine chorizo, ground turkey, cotija, tortilla crumbs, beaten egg, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl.
Step 2 - Thoroughly combine the chorizo and other ingredients in a mixing bowl.
The chorizo-turkey mixture combined in a glass mixing bowl ready to go into the mushrooms.
Step 3 - A copper tray with the uncooked mushroom caps stuffed with chorizo-turkey meatball mixture before baking.
The chorizo-turkey meatball mixture is rolled into balls and stuffed into mushroom caps.
A close up of a mini paella pan with 3 Mexican chorizo stuffed mushrooms with a tiny bowl of cilantro ranch dressing and copper forks.
Serving suggestion: Serve the baked chorizo stuffed mushrooms with the cilantro ranch dressing or avocado lime crema. If you’re so inclined, you can even serve them as a main dish!

💭 Tips

Any leftover chorizo stuffing mixture can be refrigerated or frozen for another use. In fact, I have been known to double the recipe so that I have some for later. It will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, and in the freezer for 2-3 months.

This Mexican stuffed mushrooms recipe is a great way to use stale corn tortillas!

I am usually cooking for 2. I use half of the meatball mixture for the two of us as a main dish. The remainder goes into a clearly marked zip bag in the freezer. It keeps in the freezer for months.

I do not recommend freezing any leftover stuffed mushrooms as it messes with the texture. You can reheat the next day.

Hands work best for combining ingredients!


What else can I use as a dipping sauce for my stuffed mushrooms?

There are a good number of commercial creamy dressings with Mexican flavors. Avocado lime crema or spicy avocado hummus are good options as well. In fact, they’re pretty darn delicious plain!

Can I serve these as a main dish?

Absolutely! My husband and I have enjoyed them as a main dish paired with a simple garden salad dressed with the same cilantro ranch dressing (double duty). They’d be perfect with my Grilled Mexican Panzanella Salad with Chayote. This recipe will do about 24 mushrooms. I serve 6 as a main dish, or 3 as an appetizer.

Can I make the Mexican stuffed meatballs in advance?

I would suggest baking just before serving. However, the uncooked meat mixture can be refrigerated until ready to bake, or even thawed then stuffed into the mushrooms and baked just before serving.

In conclusion, I hope you’ll give this healthy Mexican appetizer a try. While they look difficult and time-consuming, they’re really quite simple to make!

Signature in red and green with chiles and limes. Healthyish Latin cuisine.

A mini paella pan with 3 Mexican chorizo stuffed mushrooms and a tiny bowl of cilantro ranch, copper flatware, lime wedge, grey napkin.

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms

Chorizo and ground turkey stuffed and baked mushrooms with a homemade cilantro ranch dipping sauce makes an impressive starter or game day appetizer!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Appetizers
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 24 mushrooms
Calories 97 kcal


  • 24 large button or crimini mushrooms - stems removed
  • 8 ounces lean chorizo
  • 8 ounces ground turkey
  • 3 corn tortillas - pulsed to make coarse crumbs
  • 1 egg - beaten
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt and several grinds pepper
  • cilantro ranch - OR
  • avocado lime crema


  • Preheat oven to 375° (350 convection).
  • Lay the mushroom caps top side down on a baking sheet.
  • Combine chorizo, ground turkey, tortilla crumbs, egg, salt and pepper thoroughly. Hands work best!
  • Make appropriately sized meatballs (see photos above). Push them down into the mushroom cap.
  • Bake until meat bis nicely browned and meat mixture is firm – about 25-30 minutes depending on size.
  • While stuffed mushrooms bake, make the cilantro ranch or avocado lime crema.


Macros DO NOT INCLUDE cilantro ranch dressing.


Serving: 3g | Calories: 97kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 4g

NOTE: Macronutrients are an approximation only using unbranded ingredients and Please do your own research with the products you’re using if you have a serious health issue or are following a specific diet.

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  1. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mushroom recipe and this one fit the bill just right! It’s absolutely delicious and I love how it’s really healthy too!

  2. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mushroom recipe and this one fit the bill just right! It’s absolutely delicious and I love how it’s really healthy too! You definitely have got to check out the chorizo recipe on this blog too – it’s spot on!

  3. Wow these look incredible, I just had to pin them to my food board. I am obsessed with mushrooms, and love stuffing them with anything but this is something I have to make for sure. My tummy actually rumbled when just reading your recipe :))

  4. Stuffed mushrooms are always a favorite, I easily make them a couple of times a month! I love the idea of adding chorizo to them for a spicy kick! Bookmarking this to try on game day!