27 Gourmet Paletas and Ice Pops

Nothing beats a frozen dessert on a hot summer’s day! I’ve gathered 27 gourmet paletas and ice pops – my Boozy Mangonada Paletas – and 26 fantastic recipes from my food blogger friends… You’ll want to peruse this list and try them all!

👩🏻‍🍳 Tamara Talks – About Paletas, Ice Pops, and Popsicles

What do you know about paletas, ice pops, ice lollies, and popsicles? They’re all frozen treats on a stick, with an infinite list of possible ingredients. However, it is important to understand that “popsicles” is a trademarked word. I see so many recipes for popsicles, and I cringe.

POPSICLE® is a trademark now owned by Unilever. The first popsicles were created in the early nineteen hundreds. While I don’t necessarily agree with a 100 year old trademark, I do respect the law. We’ll not call these “popsicles” for that reason!

In putting together this collection of frozen confections, I looked for unique combinations of ingredients… You’ll not have a hard time finding a recipe for a strawberry ice pop, but have you ever tried jamon, golden milk, thyme, or black pepper in an ice pop?

I do have a fondness for including a bit of alcohol in my frozen desserts. Check out my Raspberry Double Chocolate Stout Sorbet, my Mulled Red Wine and Plum Sorbet, and my Blushing Apricot Sorbet With Fresh Thai Basil. Thus it seemed appropriate to include an “adult’s only” group of paletas and ice pops. Bourbon, tequila, wine, bitters, and even mezcal add complexity, flavor, and texture to these unique desserts!

If not “popsicles,” then what?

“Ice pops” and “ice lollies” are common terms for these frozen treats. In Mexico, you’ll find “paletas.” In this list, you’ll find “paletas,” “ice pops,” and “popsicles.” It’s a curated list of wonderful frozen confections, so call them what you will!

What is a “paleta?”

Paletas are a quintessential Mexican treat, and differ from the typical ice pop in that they are made with fresh fruit and lots of it. They don’t have much liquid, and the mouth feel reflects that. Plus, they are considerably less sweet than their American counterparts.

The history of paletas in Mexico traces back to Tocumbo, Michoacan in the 1940’s. This is where a family paleta business, La Michoacana, flourished and spread to the rest of the country. Today, La Michoacana operates throughout Mexico and Tocumbo, and is known as the “land of paletas.” There’s even a gigantic monument to the paleta in the town entrance, and an annual paleta festival.

Mexican paletas are known for their unique flavor combinations. It might be trendy now, but Mexico has been combining ingredients like avocado, corn, arroz con leche, tamarind, chiles, rose petals, and tequila in paletas for years. That being said, you can’t go wrong with strawberry, coconut, and tamarind.


Ice Pops - Not Vegan

A variety of amazing gourmet paletas and ice pops that include dairy products and/or animal proteins!


Vegan Ice Pops

You'll not find any dairy or animal protein in these delicious, gourmet frozen confections!


Boozy Paletas/Ice Pops - For Adults Only!

A collection of frozen treats that include alcohol, from wine to spirits to bitters! I can't wait to try them all!

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  1. Tamara an awesome collection of ice lollies. So many varieties to choose from, don’t know where to start. I love mangonada and adding a bit of booze to make ice pops, now that’s a lolly I don’t mind having as dessert. Watermelon with chilli also has caught my attention. Thank you so much for including my link.

    1. My pleasure Mayuri! I adore beets (I have a beet cocktail on my blog), and look forward to trying them in an ice pop! The color is absolutely stunning!

  2. You’ve made me want to break out my ice lolly maker! haha! Those boozy ones are first on the list with the temps reaching 100 this weekend! Thanks for including my strawberry meringue version! 🙂

    1. I’m definitely making all the boozy ones! We’re back in south Texas, and it’s hotter than blazes! I’m looking forward to your strawberry meringue ice pops… Thanks Christina!