Healthy Ground Bison Recipes

Juicy, flavorful, lean ground bison is “trending” among health-conscious foodies. This collection of Healthy Ground Bison Recipes provides inspiration for including this healthy protein option in your weeknight menu rotation. The demand for bison is growing due to increased marketing efforts, its widespread availability, and great nutritional profile. In this post, I will present the pros and cons of bison, and try to anticipate any questions you might have… Bueno?

A collage of 8 healthy ground bison recipes to liven up your weeknight menus!

👩🏻‍🍳 Tamara Talks – About Bison

I only recently discovered ground bison through my subscription to Imperfect Foods, and it makes a regular appearance on the dinner table at Andersen casa now. We’re loving this healthy bison burger, and I’m working on a recipe for ground bison tacos.

Bison is sustainable when it is grass-fed. The grazing habits of bison actually promote a healthy ecosystem. Grass-fed meat tends to be more expensive (whether it’s bison or beef), and with the increase in demand, it is important to check the label. Make sure your bison is sustainably raised. Some farmers are starting to raise bison on grain in feed lots.

While bison is has some nutrition advantages over beef, it is still considered to be red meat. We limit red meat to once or twice a month. Consult your physician if red meat is a concern.


  • ground bison is an excellent source of protein
  • bison is a rich source of B vitamins
  • it is high in selenium, iron, and zinc
  • bison is low in fats and calories
  • when grass-fed it is sustainable
  • a healthier substitute for beef and lamb
  • it has no “gamey” taste


  • bison is very lean and easy to overcook
  • bison can be expensive
  • it is high in selenium, iron, and zinc
  • bison is low in fats and calories

Bison Versus Beef Nutrition Facts

Here are the nutritional differences between 4 ounces (113 grams) of bison and beef:

A nutrition chart for bison vs beef.

💭 Tips

Bison is really easy to overcook. An instant read thermometer is helpful. Reducing the flame or cooking temperature slightly may help prevent overcooked bison.

If you prefer “well done” meat, bison may not be your best choice. Ground bison is juicy and flavorful at about 160° internally. Steaks and roasts can be consumed above 145°.

Bison retains some pink color when fully cooked.

How do I store ground bison?

Treat ground bison like you would ground beef. Store in the refrigerator 1 to 2 days at 40° or below. Store it in the freezer for 3 to 4 months.

What is the best way to thaw ground bison?

There are 3 ways to thaw ground bison: 1. In the refrigerator. 2. In cold water. 3. In the microwave. I never recommend the microwave because it’s so easy to have it start cooking, and then it’s difficult to use in many recipes.

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🐂 Ground Bison Recipes

We have already enjoyed one of these recipes – the Bison Cheddar Topped Cauliflower Steaks. I’m looking forward to trying them all, but the Cherry Bison Meatballs are calling my name. Keep scrolling for all the healthy and delicious ground bison recipes!

Healthy Ground Bison Recipes

A collection of 8 healthy, simple ground bison recipes to shake up your weeknight dinners a bit...

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